Can you smell the rain?

June 5th, 2014

af2b1a2c2a3cd74eb5b19243ab46f92e I love the smell of rain – especially in the summer.  Some people tell me they can not smell the rain and I think that is so sad.  It is such a great smell.  I saw this picture and I love how she is just standing there loving the rain falling down on her.  I bet she can smell the rain!

But I will say as much fun as it is to stand out in the rain on a hot summer afternoon – it wrecks havoc on a perfect blow out!  Now if you have perfect curly hair – it might still dry pretty.  However, if you have fine straight hair like mine – it will dry stuck to my head.  (Not so pretty) So unless I am going home by myself and seeing no one – I will not be standing out in the rain like her.  To bad – wish I was ten again…

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