Fall at the beach!

October 14th, 2014

5a1ee8d8b9f7ff8fb729d3bd15dff7feLast week I was going to write a blog to all you ladies in the panhandle area of Florida (other wise known as the Redneck Rivera).  I was sitting up here in Atlanta loving our cool fall weather.  I was so excited to be wearing my new fall clothes and my new boots!  We were having these gorgeous warm fall days, followed by clear cool nights.  Perfect weather!  So I was feeling sorry for the ladies of the panhandle, because they were still having summer.  No chance to wear all the new fall clothes.

However, I had the opportunity to go to Seaside last weekend.  Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!  Eighty five degrees with out a cloud in the sky.  Perfect white sand and perfectly clear warm ocean water!  Did I say amazing?  Yep, it was bliss.  So, wearing my jean shorts, bathing suit and flip flops again was wonderful.  I never once thought about my new boots!GetAttachment


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